We are half way through our “12 tips to Christmas!”  This is a mini survival guide which both business owners and employees may find useful to get them through the festive season without too much trouble!

Tip 6 –  Harassment

So, you are at the office party, letting your hair down and enjoying the festive atmosphere! However, both employers and staff should always remember that a work-related event such as the office Christmas party is an extension of the office environment even if it is outside of working hours or offsite. Consequently, employers are therefore likely to remain liable for acts of harassment, discrimination or other unwanted conduct carried out by employees.

If such an incident is alleged to have happened, an employer should investigate the matter thoroughly and follow their usual disciplinary procedure. Hence, the importance of having policies in place (see http://talemlaw.co.uk/12-tips-christmas-tip4/) so that everyone knows what is expected and what behaviour will not be tolerated.

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