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Elective Home Education

This guidance from the Department of Education from April 2019  describes elective home education as “a term used to describe a choice by parents  to  provide education  for  their  children at  home  or  in  some  other  way  they  desire,  instead of  sending them ...

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Unfairness and Impairments

Q. Is the way a remote hearing conducted unfair if it fails to take account of the effects of a person’s impairments? A. Possibly, according to Upper Tribunal Judge Ward in TC and BW v LB Islington [2021] UKUT 196 (AAC) The appellants, TC and BW, are the parents of B....

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Learning Difficulty Research

Do different learning difficulties correspond to specific regions of the brain? No, according to a team of scientists at the MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit, University of Cambridge. Nearly a third of children and young people have a learning difficulty which...

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Do Parents Matter?

Q. Are the views of parents and young people relevant when deciding what should appear in an Education, Health and Care plan (EHCp)? A. Yes! This was emphasised, yet again, in the recent case of NE and DE v Southampton City Council (SEN) [2019] . Granted this is also...

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