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Autism-friendly ‘quieter hour’

Morrisons has launched an autism-friendly 'quieter hour' for shoppers who struggle with music and noise. From 9am to 10am, the lights will be dimmed in all stores and the music and radio will be turned off. Tannoy announcements will also be avoided, checkout beeps and...

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When to be Specific in an EHCp

B-M and B-M v Oxfordshire County Council (SEN) [2018] UKUT 35 (AAC) The recent case of B-M and B-M v Oxfordshire County Council provides some much-welcomed clarity in relation the specificity that should appear in section F of an Education Health and Care plan...

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A Case of Perceived Disability

In the recent case of the Chief Constable of Norfolk v Coffey the Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) considered an appeal by the Chief Constable of a case that went against them in the Employment Tribunal (ET). What was interesting about this case is that it considered...

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12 Tips to Christmas! – Tip 12.

Welcome to our final tip in our “12 tips to Christmas!”  This is a mini survival guide which both business owners and employees may find useful to get them through the festive season without too much trouble! Tip 12– Holidays If a business does not operate a shut down...

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